HYDEC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. [246521-X]

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HYDEC utilizes the numerical modeling software, with the help of various equipment and other facilities to address a wide range of water issues across the entire spectrum of hydraulic engineering activities.


Text Box: Numerical Modeling Software

Surface-Water Modeling System (SMS)

SMS is a graphical pre- & post-processor for numerical surface water modeling that allows interactive editing and display of finite element networks.  Display controls allow the user to adjust the display to one’s particular preferences.  Color and line contouring are supported a display either bed elevations or model results such a velocity fields or water surface elevations.




XPSWMM models are used for the analysis, design and operation of storm and wastewater systems.  Its also simulates flow and pollutant transport in engineered and natural systems including pond, rivers, lakes, floodplains and the interaction with groundwater.  XPSWMM simulates the complete hydrologic cycle in rural and urban watersheds.  Beginning with single or multiple rainfall events and dry weather flows, it models flows through collection, conveyance and treatment systems to the final outfall.  All hydrologic processes including infiltration, temporary storage and ground-surface water exchanges are included in the model.



XPSTORM is a link-node model that performs hydrology and hydraulics of stormwater drainage system including automatic pipe design for the entire system or just a portion of the network.  Its generates flow hydrographs, flood levels, pollutant loads or concentrations and analyzes water quality control devices.  The software offers all the commonly accepted methods for generating stormwater runoff and is capable of modeling and comparing multiple storm events. Its solution engine utilizes a proprietary, integrated implicit dynamic wave solution technique that maximizes the solution speed along with accuracy, stability and robustness, even for steeply rising hydrographs and pumps.