HYDEC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. [246521-X]

Text Box: Hydraulic—Environmental—Civil Engineering


Civil & Structural (C&S)


Connecting structure and architecture with practical and innovative solutions, we establish the most efficient, cost effective solution for project needs, budget and time requirements.  Our broad, multi-disciplinary skill base have experience across a wide spectrum of engineering services and bring a personal approach to understanding the technical challenges of Client scheme and the delivery of solutions that release the full potential of site.



Ț Full design, design vetting and supervision services including production of contract documents, specifications and bill of quantities, working drawings and shop drawings;


Ț Construction management services beginning with advice on award of contracts and leading up to supervision of construction including verification of contractors’ bills;


Ț Feasibility studies and cost estimates for both civil and structural engineering   projects;


Ț Reports on existing and proposed structures in relation to their stability or proposed modification;


Ț Seismic and dynamic analysis of all classes of structures;


Ț Advice on mathematical modeling of structures;