HYDEC Engineering Sdn. Bhd. [246521-X]

Text Box: Hydraulic—Environmental—Civil Engineering


Being an acronym for Hydraulics-Environmental-Civil, HYDEC provides specialized engineering services related to the interaction of marine and terrestrial environments.  Coastal Engineering, River Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study, Civil & Structural and Wetlands Study (Conservation & Management) are among a wide range of services, which the company offers.  Our involvement may encompass the full scope of any project-from the planning and design stage to construction, operation and maintenance.

With a team of well-versed and dedicated engineers, scientists and support personnel, coupled with our comprehensive resources, HYDEC surpasses conventional practices of consulting organizations by extending its services beyond written reports to give value added services to its clients.  Over the years, HYDEC has provided its clients with the benefit of liaising with relevant government authorities in bringing about the successful project approval by resolving related problems with an amicable solution, a mainstay of HYDEC’s commitment in providing quality service for its clients.  HYDEC brings with it a wealth of experience from working with an impressive list of clients that includes oil and gas companies, national corporations, government departments and agencies, developers, architects and engineering consultants.

Since its inception in 1992, HYDEC has until now, completed over 260 projects within Malaysia. HYDEC is also proud to have been involved in almost 80 percent of reclamation and waterfront projects in Malaysia.


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Taman Melawati

53100 Kuala Lumpur, MALYSIA


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